February 15, 2019

New patient portal arrives at Wessex Fertility

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We are excited to announce our patient portal is LIVE. The portal allows easy online access to your account and access to messages from the clinic, results and documents relating to your treatment with us.

We will begin by registering new patients booking initial consultations. In the near future we will be sending an email to all existing patients and their partners inviting you to respond and confirm your full name and date of birth so that we can provide you both with a link and instructions to start using your own personal portal.

The portal will enable our patients to:

  • Communicate with us via SMS, email and portal messaging
  • Fill out and submit online patient forms electronically
  • View treatment calendars online
  • View and receive alerts of any changes made to treatment calendars
  • View all upcoming appointments

As a clinic, we are making moves to reduce our carbon footprint, and to do this we will be uploading as much paperwork to the Patient Portal as we can. This not only reduces the amount of paper we use but it means we can get information to our patients faster and allows them to download and save any documents for future use.