June 26, 2020

TwoDads UK name Wessex Fertility as its IVF Clinic Partner


TwoDads UK and Wessex Fertility are genuinely celebrating Pride month and with the anniversary of the Stonewall riots this Sunday there is no better time to announce this new partnership!

The Fertility clinic based in Southampton is part of the wider group The Fertility Partnership, are proud to announce that they’re working with TwoDads UK to provide enhanced support and marketing services to Intended Parents exploring UK Surrogacy. ‘This new partnership means a lot to us, we’re so happy to be working with such a wonderful and talented team at Wessex Fertility, it’s so wonderful to witness a clinic take equality and Surrogacy so seriously’ comments Michael Johnson-Ellis, co-founder of TwoDads UK.

TwoDads UK are the go-to organisation for Intended Fathers exploring UK Surrogacy effectively and they have been active campaigners for change and equality, with both the Law Reform and DoH and NHS guidance. They host Surrogacy Information Events and host weekly ‘Introduction to UK Surrogacy’ calls supporting the LGBTQ community on a quest to parenthood, which keeps them busy whilst managing to juggling their kids too! Over the last 3 years they have provided emotional support, helped and guided hundreds of Intended Parents to achieve their dreams of creating a family, who otherwise may have given up hope.  They have also recently established The Modern Family Show, the only UK LGBTQ family building educational event in London on the 19th September.

‘Our latest partnership with Wessex Fertility means we’re working with the team to promote their Surrogacy services, and after observing the clinics performance over the last 12 months we’re delighted to be supporting such an ethical team of fertility and surrogacy champions’ add Wes Johnson-Ellis.

Commenting on the move, Gillian Dawes, General Manger at Wessex Fertility said: “We are delighted to be entering a partnership with Two Dads. Their work advising the Government and fertility industry on how to fairly treat Surrogates and Intended Parents is remarkable.  We look forward to supporting Two Dads, the LBGTQ Community and all of our patients, not just when marking the Stonewall riots or Pride month, but all year round.”

For further information on this partnership or how you can learn more about UK Surrogacy, email TwoDads UK at; info@twodaddies.co.uk