April 5, 2018

Wessex Fertility Solo Mums on ITV’s Lorraine!

Wessex Fertility Patients Jo (Left) and Vicky (Right)

At Wessex Fertility we are extremely proud of our dedicated donor sperm programme, that can help single women to fulfill their dream of motherhood. We were delighted to see two of our wonderful patients on ITV’s Lorraine on Wednesday 4th April.

Jo and Vicky spoke about their decision to become solo Mums through donor sperm IVF treatment at Wessex Fertility, which led to the birth of each of their gorgeous sons.

Jo Said:

‘I was basically told if I wanted to have children using my own eggs I had a very limited time frame in which to do it.

‘That obviously did make me panic a little bit because I thought, ”I’ve just come out a relationship, if I meet somebody new to have a baby with realistically we’re looking at another couple of years and that opportunity would have gone.”

‘So with the support of my family and friends I made the decision to go it alone.’

‘I tackled it a little bit like online dating. When you’re looking for a donor you get profiles of them and I was looking for somebody who had similar looks to my family, who was tall because we’re all tall in my family.

‘I wanted somebody who was the same blood group as me so should that ever be an issue with Milo in the future I’d have the option to be a donor for him.

‘I was very lucky to find someone who ticked all those boxes and was very happy for Milo to contact him in the future if he wanted to, and came from a family where they were all supporting him to be a donor so I felt like it was a very positive step forward to use this donor. ‘

‘We had a school friend round a few weeks ago that said, ”Why don’t you have a dad?” and he was like: ”Well my mummy really wanted a baby and she didn’t have a boyfriend at the time who could be a daddy, so she went to the doctor and this all happened.”

‘He’s very OK with that as a concept because it’s just normal for him.’

Vicky said:

‘I’ve always wanted to be a mum and it’s so much more important to me than being with a partner. It’s the number one goal of my life, and when I was 28 I decided why wait any longer and lets do this and so embarked on having little Alfie.’

‘I would say the children born from solo mums, and we’re in a huge network of other solo mums, there born from such love, they’re desperately wanted. We’re all mature, independent, tenacious, passionate women who desperately want to love a child and make our own family.’

‘The donors that so generously give their donation, they’re not random men off the street, they think really long and hard about their decision to do such an altruistic kind act.

‘The clinics have a very vigorous selection procedure to make sure they’re in the right frame of mind to donate. They’re born desire to have them and such a generous gift. I think that makes for a really wonderful family start up.’

Well done ladies!

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