We are getting a new look and name but don’t worry the remarkable care is staying the same.

We are getting a new look and name but don’t worry the remarkable care is staying the same.

Sperm donation helps thousands of people every year in successful fertility treatments. For many people, using donated sperm is the only way they will be able to have a family of their own. So, donating sperm is a life-changing decision that can have a profound effect on people trying for a family. Donating sperm is an amazing gift that allows others to fulfil their dreams of having a family.

Donating Sperm at the TFP Donor Bank

As part of The Fertility Partnership, we are hugely proud of the work we do around helping our patients achieve their dreams of becoming parents. However, for some of our patients, this journey is not straightforward, and they require some additional help in this complicated and eventful journey. That is why we have our own Donor Bank specifically for sperm donors. If you are interested in becoming a sperm donor, please visit tfpdonorbank.com.

How Much to Donate Sperm in the UK?

One of the most common questions we get asked about donating sperm is whether there is any compensation available for the donor. While it is not legal to pay sperm donors in the UK, donors can receive up to £35 per clinic visit as compensation. This compensation helps cover any expenses, such as travel, accommodation and childcare. Paying a sperm donor any more than their reasonable expenses is illegal.

We anticipate that you will have 10 visits to the clinic for your total donation compensation would be £350.

How to Donate Sperm in the UK

In the UK, you can donate sperm if you are aged between 18 and 41. However, you will also need to pass various health screenings and tests for diseases and infections such as HIV and Hepatitis. These tests are essential as they ensure you’re not going to pass anything dangerous onto the mother or child.

If you’re wondering whether or not you are eligible to donate your sperm at Wessex Fertility, please do not hesitate to get in touch today. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Anonymous Sperm Donation

Many people wonder whether they can donate sperm anonymously. However, since a law change in 2005, all those donating sperm are required by law to provide their name, date of birth, and last known address to any children (from the age of 18) born as a result of their donation. Of course, not every child will reach 18 and choose to contact their donor via the HFEA, but it is important you are aware that any children resulting from your donation can choose to contact you when they reach 18.

Discover Sperm Donation Success

If your sperm donation results in the birth of a child or multiple children, you can find out some more information:

  • The number of children born
  • Their year of birth
  • Their gender

For the protection of any future children, their anonymity is protected so you will only be able to access the information above. We cannot give you any further information that would reveal the identity of any children born as a result of your donation.

Sperm Donation Agreement and Legal Requirements

If you choose to donate your sperm, you will not have any legal rights or responsibilities for any children born as a result of your donation. Providing you donate through a licensed clinic, such as Wessex Fertility, you will have no say in the way the children are raised and you won’t be required to pay anything towards their care.

However, if you choose to donate outside of the protection of a licensed clinic, as part of a personal arrangement, the situation does become more complicated. In other words, without a legal sperm donation agreement in place, you could be considered the legal father of any children conceived from your donation. As such, you could be required to make any relevant payments or provide support in the child’s upbringing.

Donating Sperm and the Process

To help you understand what donating sperm is like, we have written out the Wessex Fertility process below.

Provide Personal Information: the first step in donating sperm is providing personal information. This is important because it ensures that any children born from your donation will be able to access non-identifying information about you from the age of 16. When the child turns 18, they can apply to access your identifying information so that they can get in contact with you if they want to.

Health Tests: once you have provided your personal information to us, we will carry out thorough tests to screen you for certain diseases, such as genetic diseases or serious infections. This is to protect the health and well-being of the mother and of any children born as a result of your donation.

During the health test stage, it is essential that you tell our experts about anything in your family’s medical history that could affect the health of a future child. If you do not tell us about any serious physical or mental conditions in you or your family’s medical history, you could face serious legal action if a child born from your donation inherits anything like this from you.

Sperm sample check: We will need you to provide an initial sperm sample at the clinic for us to assess whether you sperm is good enough quality to become a sperm donor. We check for many criteria including count, the motility of the sperm and the shape of the sperm. Once we have carried out the semen analysis and done a test freeze and thaw to check the sperm can survive the freezing and thawing process we will contact you with the results and inform you whether you are able to become a sperm donor with us.

Treatment Counselling: at Wessex Fertility, we understand that fertility treatment can be a lot to consider, whether you’re undergoing the treatment or you’re donating to someone else’s treatment. Donating sperm is a big decision and one that doesn’t just affect you, it could also impact your future family and relationships. We strongly recommend that you receive implications counselling from our professionals when donating your sperm with us.

Your Consent: when donating sperm, you will need to give your consent in writing before we can use your sperm in fertility treatments. You can also decide to withdraw your consent at any time, up to the point at which your sperm is used in treatment.

Donating Sperm at Wessex Fertility: you will need to visit our fertility clinic once a week for several months to make your sperm donation. Once you have made your donation, your sperm will be frozen until it is ready for use in fertility treatments. Your donation could be the answer to somebody’s dreams of a family.

Donating Sperm at Wessex Fertility

If you would like to find out more about donating sperm and how the decision could positively impact the lives of many, visit tfpdonorbank.com or contact us today. We would be more than happy to answer your questions and book you into an initial consultation. As fertility specialists, we are passionate about helping people have the families they’ve always dreamed of. Sperm donation is such a wonderful gift that allows others to achieve their dream family. Thank you for considering donating your sperm.


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