Receiving Donated Eggs

At Wessex Fertility we have egg donors who have given the amazing gift of their eggs for another woman to use. Our donor egg programme enables recipients to have all their treatment at Wessex Fertility in Southampton and will be under the expert care of our egg donation team and experienced consultants

All our donors undergo a comprehensive health check and are screened for infections. Donors are selected only if they meet certain criteria for health and fertility and in this way we can ensure our success rates remain high. Egg recipients are matched with a donor who has similar characteristics to them, e.g. hair colour, eye colour and build. If you choose to have a donor recipient cycle at Wessex Fertility the procedure will be explained in detail and you will be supported every step of the way through your individualised care. Your donor will have had an Anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH) test before they are accepted as a donor, indicating that they have a good egg reserve, so you would always have a good selection of embryos to choose from.

Many egg donor recipients receive eggs from altruistic donors who are donating their eggs to be used by someone they do not know. The donor and the recipient will not know each other’s identity and the donor will have no parental rights over the child, the recipient will be the legal parent. If you require donor egg treatment, please contact our dedicated egg donation co-ordinator.

Known donation is where an individual agrees to donate their eggs to someone they know so that they can give them the gift of a family. If you know someone who is willing to donate their eggs for you, please contact reception on 023 80706000.


“Despite the best efforts of the Wessex Fertility Centre, our attempts at IVF had been unsuccessful. We had been late starters so, because of our age, we switched our attention to the possibility of using donor eggs and felt so excited when a donor was found for us shortly afterwards. We will never know our donor and she will probably never realise how grateful we are to her for making our dreams come true. Without our donor and the positive attitude of all of the staff at the Wessex, we would not be in the fortunate position that we now find ourselves in ….. of expecting a child whom we will cherish for the rest of our lives. Words really cannot express how thankful we are.”


“Having been told that using my own eggs for ivf fertility was not viable, an obvious initial shock and disappointment, the staff at the Wessex Fertility Clinic could not have been more understanding and helpful, they explained the whole process of using donor eggs or donor embryos very clearly and I decided to go ahead with embryo adoption. Now my daughter is 8 months old and the love of my life. The fact that she is not from my own eggs does not even come in to it. She is a miracle baby as far as I am concerned. I always recommend the Wessex Fertility Clinic to anyone who I know is having fertility problems”

Support and Counselling

At Wessex Fertility all our donor recipients are encouraged to use our counselling service before or during a recipient treatment cycle. Our trained and experienced counsellor will discuss all the implications of receiving donated eggs including the following:

  • The welfare of any child born as a result using donated sperm, eggs or embryos
  • The rights/ needs of any resultant child/children with regards to conveying information about their conception
  • The advantages/disadvantages of secrecy within a family
  • Other potential implications for the future
  • Donor anonymity implications

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