We are getting a new look and name but don’t worry the remarkable care is staying the same.

We are getting a new look and name but don’t worry the remarkable care is staying the same.

Male Fertility Test and What to Expect

One in seven couples have difficulty conceiving and male infertility can be a major factor in this. If you and your partner are struggling to conceive or you aren’t trying for a family yet, but you want to find out your fertility health, booking a fertility test with us is the best course of action.

Why Book a Male Fertility Test with Us?

If you book a male infertility test with the NHS, you may be subject to extremely long waiting times, delaying your family plans. Having a male infertility test in a private clinic, like Wessex Fertility, ensures you will get seen quickly, you will have your test results explained thoroughly, and you won’t be rushed through. Instead, you will be treated with care and attentiveness. Book a private male fertility test with us today in Southampton or Dorchester.

Whatever your concerns or reasons for booking with us, At Wessex Fertility we offer thorough male infertility testing to help confirm your next steps, your treatment options, and the best course of action. Booking a male fertility test with us is one of the best ways to understand your fertility status and the likelihood of successful conception.

How Much Does a Male Fertility Test Cost?

Prior to an Initial Consultation a semen analysis is required which can be carried out at our clinic in Southampton. Click here to view our full treatment price list.

Detailed Sperm Analysis

The most common cause of infertility in males is due to abnormalities found in the sperm. This is why our initial investigations for male infertility include semen analysis. If your test results are abnormal, we will be able to assess your fertility problems thoroughly and advise on the best course of treatment. What is a semen analysis? It’s when our embryology team will study your sample under a microscope, recording what they find.

What Does a Sperm Analysis Check?

This detailed sperm analysis examines the density (sperm count), the motility of sperm, and the morphology of sperm (shape). A normal sperm count will measure around 15 million sperm per millilitre of semen. Let’s take a look at each of these in more detail:

Sperm Density: this measures the number of sperm you have. If you are diagnosed with having a low sperm count, this is known as Oligozoospermia.

Sperm Motility: this measures the ability of your sperm to swim. If your sperm have poor motility (Asthenozoopsermia), this means that your sperm do not swim well and this can mean sperm struggle to reach the egg without medical intervention or help.

Sperm Morphology: this refers to sperm size and shape. Sperm that is abnormally shaped can be a factor in male infertility. If you are diagnosed with low numbers of normal morphology sperm, this is called Teratozoospermia
This detailed sperm analysis examines the density (sperm count), the motility of sperm, and the morphology of sperm (shape). A normal sperm count will measure around 15 million sperm per millilitre of semen.

How to Prepare for Your Appointment

In order to receive the most accurate results, it is important to properly prepare for your fertility appointment. Otherwise, you may receive inaccurate results and you may be required to visit the clinic again and re-take the fertility test.

Abstinence: It is important that you abstain from any form of ejaculation for three days before your appointment. This helps ensure that the sperm sample you produce is as accurate as possible. If it has been less than three days or more than five days since you last ejaculated, it could alter the results of the test.

Illness: if you have suffered a fever or been taking antibiotics close to or during your appointment, this could affect the results of your semen analysis. If you are ill or on antibiotics, please leave at least one week after your temperature has returned to normal before booking your appointment. For antibiotics, please ensure it has been at least two weeks since you have finished any courses of antibiotics. If you are taking other medications and you’re not sure, please do not hesitate to check with us, we would be more than happy to answer your questions.

Providing a Semen Sample for Analysis

When undertaking a male fertility test, you will be asked to attend the clinic and provide a semen sample. As soon as your sample has been collected, analysis can take place.

What Does Sperm Analysis Include?

  • The number of sperm present within the ejaculate (otherwise referred to as the sperm count)
  • The number of sperm that are moving (sperm motility)
  • Whether or not there are any anti-sperm antibodies present
  • The ability of sperm to survive over a 24-hour period
  • The number of sperm that are normally formed (morphology)
  • Whether there’s any infection present within the sample.

How Long Do Male Infertility Test Results Take?

At Wessex Fertility, we can provide you with the results of your fertility tests on the same day as your appointment, if not a couple of days later.

What are Your Next Steps?

When the results of your semen analysis are ready, we will call you into the clinic and one of our fertility specialists will discuss these with you. If you have a partner, you may wish to bring them along to this consultation. We will thoroughly explain the results of the analysis with you, answer any questions you may have, and recommend the best treatment options for you.

Treatments for Male Infertility

If you are diagnosed with male factor infertility, we will recommend fertility treatments suited to your diagnosis that could help result in a successful conception. Fertility treatments for male infertility include:

Surgery: it may be that a varicocele (Varicose testicular blood vessels) need to be surgically corrected or repaired. Surgery can also reverse past vasectomies. If surgery is recommended to you, our specialists will be able to talk through with you what to expect.

Treating Infections: if your male factor infertility is caused by an infection, we may recommend a cause of antibiotic treatments to help restore fertility.

Treatments for Intimacy Struggles: medication or counselling can help men who are struggling with erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.

Hormone Treatments and Medications: if infertility is caused by high or low levels of certain hormones (something that can be measured during a male fertility hormone test), then we may recommend specific hormone treatment or medications.

Assisted Fertility Treatments: at Wessex Fertility, we specialise in fertility treatments that help couples conceive. Our treatments for infertility involve obtaining sperm through ejaculation, surgical extraction or from a donor, and inserting it into the female genital tract. At Wessex Fertility, we use In Vitro Fertilisation or Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection treatments to help couples and individuals have a family of their own.

Book A Consultation Today

If you and your partner have been struggling to conceive naturally and you suspect something may be wrong, book a consultation with us today. At Wessex Fertility, we have a whole team of fertility specialists who are available to help answer your questions, and support you on your journey to having a family.


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