Zoe and Will’s Story – Poole Satellite Clinic


After years of trying to conceive Zoe and Will Trim grew concerned about their chances of conceiving. 5 years on they now have the baby they dreamed of, and baby Isabelle has become the first baby born through using Wessex Fertility’s new Poole clinic.

Zoe and Will, from Bournemouth, started trying to conceive in 2011 shortly after they got married. At the time Zoe was just 24 so hadn’t worried at all about her chances of conceiving. After a year of no success they went to see their GP who carried out a test to show that Zoe was ovulating. The couple were then told to continue trying for another 6 months. Over the next year Zoe and Will undertook other tests including a sperm test which showed that Will had a low sperm count and that IVF was recommended.

It was such a great facility to have. It was so convenient to just pop there after work and Catherine was so good and on the same wave length as us. From our very first appointment we felt so much more positive, everyone is so relaxed and it really feels like they are rooting for you. We looked forward to our appointments and starting IVF as it felt like moving forward to finally becoming parents which has always been our dreamZoe

“I fell pregnant naturally in 2014 whilst waiting for our referral for NHS funded treatment,” explains Zoe. Sadly she lost the pregnancy by the 12 week scan. “Obviously we were devastated,” recalls Zoe, “but this also meant that we were no longer eligible for NHS funded treatment as we had achieved a pregnancy. We were told that we would have to wait another 3 years for funding.” At this point the couple had been trying for 4 years and felt that they could not wait any longer. They took the decision to fund their treatment privately and, after much research, chose Wessex Fertility.

Zoe and Will commenced treatment in 2015 and had the majority of their appointments in the clinic in Poole. Wessex Fertility have set up a satellite clinic at the BWT Physio clinic in Poole. This is run by Wessex Fertility Consultant Dr Catherine Pappin and Fertility Services Co-ordinator, Jo Brookes. This allows patients from Dorset to have most of their appointments closer to home.

Zoe remembers feeling excited at the thought of taking the IVF drugs, a series of self-administered injections; “I remember getting so excited about receiving the drugs and going to scans as it felt we were doing something positive, I was nervous about the egg retrieval but needn’t have been as the staff were so friendly and I came round to a nice cup of tea!”

Zoe and will attended Wessex Fertility’s main Southampton clinic for egg collection and embryo transfer procedures. She had 6 eggs collected and ended up with 2 good quality embryos. The couple chose to have 1 embryo transferred and 1 frozen. They then had the agonising 2 week wait until they could go their pregnancy test. “I got up at 5am on the test day as I couldn’t wait any longer,” remembers Zoe, “I couldn’t believe it when I got the positive as I hadn’t really allowed myself to think that far ahead. I phoned my parents and they were already awake too!”

I couldn’t believe it,” explains Zoe, “after 5 years we were finally parents. Isabelle is everything we dreamed of. She’s smiley, happy and such a character, she likes to get her own way!Zoe

The couple had their scan in Poole in July but as they had previously lost a baby they were extremely nervous. “We both started crying when we saw the heartbeat on the screen, it was amazing! I didn’t have any sickness during pregnancy, because of everything we had been through I was so careful and did/didn’t do everything I was supposed to.”  Baby Isabelle was born in February 2016 and became Wessex Fertility’s first baby born from treatment at their Poole clinic.

Their advice for anyone going through treatment is to talk about it with people close to you. “At first we didn’t tell anyone and we ended up isolated because we didn’t want to answer people’s questions. One day we decided to tell everyone and it was so much better. Everyone was on the same wave length and you realise how many people have been through the same thing.  We also treated ourselves to something special at every step of our journey to make it more bearable!”

Zoe and Will are enjoying life with their little bundle of joy, Isabelle.